Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today I sit here thinking I am so ready for school to be over! I am glad I have one month left! YAY! I will return again in the fall for more classes but I am taking the summer off! I am still job hunting for the summer right now, not much is coming of it. Today I desperatly need to make a trip to walmart...our cupboards are gettin bare! But I think I am going to go see baby trax instead! I haven't seen him since December! lately I love how Ave and I talk how we are going to go on early morning walks, but it still has yet to happen! Someday... I have started working another job on the weekends and I am SUPER busy! I love our new house the space is AMAZING! I have my own craft room and he has his own office! Someday maybe I will post some pictures on here..I just am wanting the fniishing touches to get done! :) I hope you all have a happy easter! love ya! Jess and Ave!

these are my new glasses
I LOVE them!
I made banana bread the other day it was YUMMY!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This year for spring break we went to St. george and Las Vegas. We had a GREAT TIME! While we were gone we missed the joys of 13 more inches of snow! We did come back and the weather has been fairly decent. We had a great time! I will tell you what the pictures are as you scroll down! There is TONS! Enjoy!

This is the Hoover Dam! It was really neat to see!

We went to the wax mesuem again with my family and we had fun!

Avery gave me a funny face and so I posted it!

These are part of the TI show.

This was the Lion Habitat at MGM GRAND it was neat!


Baby carolina

Us Girls

Bellagio we went to water show the family enojoyed it!

Eiffel tower

Hard Rock cafes Guitar.

Hard Rock Cafe

Our hotel at night

Our whole hotel at night
Funny part when we were pulling up to the motel to go check in Jordan
and Jaimie rode with us in our car and we pull up and she says WOW this is our hotel?
We tell her ya and she says I feel like a princess!!
We laughed!

Tournament of kings

We sat in russia again. Avery and I sat in russia for our honeymoon.

the group!
Ave and I
At the pool it was BRIGHT!


The pool

ave chillin by the pool

Up on the Dixie Hill

the view from uptop!

hanging on for dear life!
the girls again!
Avery found this it is too sweet!

us after I got out of skinny mans cave!
I almost didn't make it!

Road trip!
The girls
all content!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So my life lately has been a little bit calmer but still a little insane. Maybe next time I will actually post pictures of my house...who knows. I feel it is NEVER clean lately. My home work is WAY to hard for me...and im struggling in math! It is evil, I am so ready for spring break. I am ready for the snow to be gone and the green grass to start appearing. I think I am starting to get depressed because of all of it. I love how much more room we hav and I don't know how we ever fit all of that stuff into a trailer! I am so glad that I have the space I need to branch out and craft and have fun! It is what I neededd for sure!! It helps me destress when I lock myself in there:) well off of work I go and school here I come! I hope the roads aren't bad!

Monday, March 1, 2010


So, I am putting this out there and it is official! We are moving into a house! NO more trailer or leaky roof or muddy drive way or muddy road! I am so happy! Of course rent is more but I know we will be ok! :) I am excited to have TONS more room! To buy a washer and dryer, to have 3 whole closets to use!! There is a nice little sun room too I know much time will be spent there! We also have a garage and LOTS of space in it! NO more Dish Network stuff in my house!! The deer and Turkey love our back yard so that will be something else to enjoy! Avery and I are both excited we just need to figure our a way to clear some snow out of one of the drive ways... hmm any ideas let me know! My car will be SO much cleaner now! YAY! I will take a picture later and show you! :)