Thursday, December 18, 2008

My new camera! Avery bought it for me for christmas:) He gave it to me early too! I LOVE IT! I am so happy he got me a new one! He is AWESOME!


I HATE the snow so far this year! I am so sick of it already! that I just want to go to Florida where its warm and sunny!! I am freezing all the time, and I need my boyfriend to come and cuddle with me to help keep me warm! I hope this is the end of the snow fall for this year! I will take rain, BUT NO MORE SNOW!

Sunday Hike

On Sunday December 7, we went down into East Canyon and went and had a hot dog roast and went for a little hike. We wanted out of the wind, and Avery decided to come along:) These are just some of the pics:)

Thanks Giving

This year we celebrated THANKSGIVING @ Grandmas and Grandpas house. The meal was delicious! My favorie part is ALWAYS the home made ice cream! YUMM! I thought that they only made one container, and I wanted more, so I was drinking what was left. Little did I know that Grandpa was prepared for us and had a second batch:)