Saturday, July 7, 2012

Teeg's Blessing

We blessed Teegen on the 29th of April. We had a big circle, I am grateful for all the worthy men and priesthood holders that were able to stand in on my sons blessing. Thank you all who came and supported our sons special day and the love we felt! Avery gave such a sweet blessing to his son. I am so grateful for my men in my life and all that they do for me! Here are some of the edited pictures from my AWESOME sister in law! I hope you enjoy! I have other ones of guests but these are more important!

My sweet boys!

 Happy smiley all the time and I LOVE it! He also loves to sleep all cuddled up to things!

My boys napping! :)

New Fridge!

I found a sweet deal on this fridge and I am SO happy we got it! I LOVE having a ice maker in the door! No more ice trays for this house! WHOO! 

First LONG car ride!

We went to St. George with Aunt Jaimie and Teegen was a champ! He did so good! 

We are just missing my mom but that is my great grandpa and my grandma me and teegen! My great grandpa is 95!

Happy Happy Birthday Avery!

This year we had family and a few friends over for Ave's Birthday, very low key and nice. We had steak per avery's request and german chocolate cake per avery as well! It was a great day!

Teegen's Newborn pictures!