Thursday, April 18, 2013

Family Picture 2013

We decided since we were all dressed up for a baptism we would take a new family picture to go on the wall in out house! Here you are to enjoy!!

Little things happening in our house

*T ate deer poop last Sunday  on the 7th. He was out in the garden helping my rake things up and I kept looking at him as he went back and forth between me and the sandbox. I had just looked at him and then he dropped his rake and picked up deer poop. The next thing I know I look up at him and the face he had was priceless  Although being who I am freaked out and said what are you eating? He looked at me as he was trying to decipher the delicious taste of deer poop. I went right over to him and did the finger swipe and pulled out two pellets. They were starting to fall apart from getting wet. I hope he doesn't decide that he needs to sample it again.
* His newest thing lately is to nod and say yeah. It's the cutest thing ever! You ask him a question and he just nods and says yeah! :)
* He LOVES bubbles, and being outside. He loves to play in the dirt! (We have plenty between the two houses)
* He went to nursery for the first time ever yesterday at church and he loved it most of the time I think. He did get pushed around a little being the smallest one there.  But he didn't cry when he was pushed or a toy was taken from him.
* He has been taking his books and gibbering as he reads them. It is sooo cute!
* He officially has 2 teeth! :)


We had to get out of the cold and go find some warmth! I let T eat dirt this day and get soooo dirty! I can't believe I allowed it and neither can my mom or husband! I am such a clean freak but I handled it ok! He just was stripped down to a clean onsie for the ride home! He sure enjoyed playing! This was two weeks before Easter!

Flour fun!

T was up in his high chair watching me make pizza dough. He kept reaching for the bucket of flour so I let him have it and dig in! It was so fun to watch him play!

Monday, April 15, 2013

eating Ice!

He loves when we drop ice cubes out of the freezer and he snags them up before we get to cleaning them up. He is so funny to watch with it because it is so slippery he starts to get upset and chases it all around the kitchen.

house progress again!

Our basement is to grade and all ready to be formed! I am really excited! :)

house progress

Here we are digging the basement! I am so excited for this to continue!

quick fun trip!

We went to St. George in march for a quick trip to perm mom's hair and say hi to Sister! I tagged along because why not go enjoy my mom and sisters? We had tons of fun and I am glad I got to go! T kept digging in all her cupboards because it was fun!


We decided to take Jo over for a eye doctor exam buy groceries and go swimming at the rec center. T wasn't so sure what to think about it at first and clung to me like it was life or death situation. He started to warm up to the water but then a kid would splash him or kick him and he would freak out. it was definitely too busy to just let him swim on his own. There was also other children who thought they needed to go against the current of the lazy river and that made this momma mad! We played for 45 minutes and he enjoyed himself and was ready to get out.

Coloring Eggs!

Dying Easter Eggs, love all the traditions we have in our families! :) I let T have the yellow dye and he ended up spilling it of course and he wanted to drink it and I didn't allow it. I know he doesn't understand exactly what we were doing but next year I know he will and we will go egg rolling so he can learn young!

He is not a fan of hard boiled eggs!


This year we celebrated Easter a week earlier. The bunny found us although we believe in the whole resurrection of Christ and the special meaning it has to us being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. T was able to enjoy the holiday much more than last year. He loved to pick up the eggs and have one in each hand. We would find another egg and he would look at the two in his hands and think where do I put it? ha ha I showed him to put one in his bucket and move to the next. He started to understand it and was thoroughly enjoying it. We went inside after all the eggs were found and I was trying to get a cute picture of T and he figured out the eggs opened and had yummy candy inside! He sure loves Jelly Beans!