Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am SO ready to have both of these beauties back soldered together! It has been one heck of a ride with the Kay Jewelers in Grand Junction and I would suggest you DON'T use them!!! The Provo one is 100 times BETTER!!! There has been ring drama but I think it is all figured out! I am missing them lots! Other things on the agenda! We are looking for other places to rent but have not found any yet! We need a little more space but not much more rent than we are already paying (if anyone knows a place tell me PLZ) I am still keeping up with work, some nights it is a struggle!! But I am managing! I am still having sleep problems so if some one has any ides of what could help PLEASE tell me! Avery and I are doing well enjoying each other but I am thinking we NEED a vacation...hmmm

Friday, January 15, 2010

Just us!

Well lately Avery and I have been SUPER busy! He is always working and home when ever he is done. This last week he had off till Thursday and I LOVED it! I started school two weeks ago and I am taking 3 classes. I am enjoying them so far and I know math is going to be a CHALLENGE! The house has been slacking which I hate but I have SOO much going on! Avery has stepped up some and helped me with dinner and dishes quite often which I LOVE! This year I made some new years resolutions but I have not got them with me so I will have to post them next time! I have snuggled with Carolina lots and I love it! :) No kids for us for a while but that is ok I have some to love on! Work is going good, I can not believe that school is out in May! I am still trying to decide what is going to happen with spring break...I want to vaca!!! But I don't know if we can cause Avery works LOTS!! Well not too much else going on! Love you all!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Clara and I decided to go tubing. We went and bought tubes checked out a few places to go and we ended up at the ski lift. While we were checking things out we decided to invite my mom and sisters! We had a BLAST! After we got done tubing the girls begged me to pull them down the road so we did! These are our only pictures! I hope to go tubing with Avery soon!!!


My Stocking

My loot! :))

Avery's Loot

Avery and his stocking

This is me running to give Avery a big hug for getting me a Cricut!!!
that is why it is blurry!
This year Christmas was AWESOME! We had a great time! I was able to get a cricut and Avery got a surround sound system and Blue Ray DVD player. It is different not having kids and and getting to see them all excited and such, but someday we will! We went to both of our families house on christmas and spent good family time! I already have all of the decorations taken down and I LOVE my nice clean house!! :)