Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ER visit

While we were in Parowan Avery and I ended up in the ER at the IHC in Cedar City. It was not very fun to say the least with needles and everything else. Also the LONG wait for it all. I did not enjoy my IV they put in and I hope to never have another until it is time to deliver this baby! We are so grateful our sweet baby is ok and things are looking good besides the tear that I am on bed rest for. I have made it 9 days down with 9 left until our doctors visit. I sure hope it continues to go QUICK! I also wanted to make a shout out to those who have brought us dinner and visited me. I appreciate it SO much! Love you all!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

3 weeks

Here is our bean at 7w4d. Right now we are 9w5d.

I get to lay in bed for at least 3 weeks...I am bed rest and it is just lovely. Avery and I are pregnant for those of you who read my blog. We are almost 10 weeks along. I am having some complications and I am trying to do all that I can to keep my baby in there and healthy. Avery has been so strong and so good to me while I cannot do anything. My mother has also been fantastic with cooking us yummy dinners and filling my lovely pregnancy cravings! This was not how we wanted to tell all of our siblings and family. But we have asked them to pray for us. I really hope that I can be off bed rest in 3 weeks and go back to work. It has been so hard for me to not go to work the first day of school this year:/ I feel so helpless and dumb. I have been grateful for the visitors that I have had the last few days I just wish I could see my mom and sister more! (HINT) I sure hope that this clears up and goes away. I just remind myself constantly that I have to accept that God will bless us how he sees fit and I have to remember this sweet spirit we have in our home is from him. This has made me much closer to him and I am grateful for it.

Friday, August 5, 2011


sweet baby Briggz! We went up to pick my ring up from the jewelers and come see you! You are so precious and sweet! I am so glad that your mom let me snuggle you for a whole day and a half! I wish I could snuggle you some more! :) Congrats Candice & Dunc!

My Birthday

This year for my birthday Avery got me flowers and I picked out a wii fit board. I love it! I haven't been on it much this last month...We also got new tires for the car and holy cow I LOVE them!!! They are AA rated for traction and I can tell when I was driving in the Canyon to SLC and it was POURING! I am so glad I went with these tires!! I was spoiled my mom made me dinner for my sister and I. Thanks, Avery! :)


In June Jaimie and I were able to go out and visit my nanny family. It was a lot of fun. The plane flight was a red eye, we got to NY early and went to rent a car...well that fell through. So then we decided to just take the subway system and get to grand central and then get a taxi ride home. The taxi cab that was first to take us refused....the second one took us finally. It was very eventful carrying HEAVY suitcases up several flights of stairs. We got home to our house and it is absolutely stunning. We went up stairs and just shared a room the whole time we were there. We had the house to ourselves when we go there so we laid down and took a nap. Later we went swimming and had a BLAST!!! We did a lot of swimming there, I wish that I had a pool. My sweet friend Senia was working her last week in Greenwich and her nanny family had a car for her to drive the kids around in so she let us use her car. I am grateful and will be forever grateful!!! We went and DD and several other places that aren't here in Utah and it was a lot of fun. Our week was very eventful! One night Anne got us tickets to go and see a Broadway show called Anything Goes. It was pretty funny, it had some adult humor in it. I also was not surprised that Axel was taller than I and that Isabel has turned into a beautiful young girl. She loves clothes and Make up and nail polish. Axel could do some awesome hula hooping tricks, one consisted hula hooping while going down the zip line. PRETTY SWEET! It was such a fun trip and I am glad that they let me come visit for awhile. I hope to go back again soon! 2 Years was WAYYYY too long!