Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Dallas was ALOT of fun and a great learning experience. I am so glad I was able to go! I just wish I could get my butt back in gear and do some more awesome Mary kay stuff! It would not let me load anymore pics on so I may throw a few on in a day or two! But for now enjoy what is here!

Our motel
We were waiting in line to go out on the stage! So much fun!

AMAZING decorations!!!
this was the breakfast hall they had some yummy food!

This is where we picked up our FREE new fall line! Coming out Spetember 15!

the roomies all prettied up for the party night! :)

The motel had glass elevators which I thought was awesome of course! I had to get a picture of the cool star below we were on the 12th floor and the night we got all pretty there actually happend to be a fire in our building on our floor. Someone put the cigarette butt in the SILK flowers and they caught kick and spred to all the ones lower! We had 5 fire trucks there and we had to use the stairs to get out!!! In long formal dresses we climbed down 24 sets of stairs to get out...that was a pain! I will not forget it that is for sure!

Kathy and I at dinner one night!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

10 months

Avery and I have been married for ten months now! Seems crazy fast how time flies!! I sure do love the man I married and lately we have both been working hard to have a down payment for a house! He sure does love me! My Mary Kay Business is going well! I need to have some more parties for sure! If any one is interested let me know! I go back to work at the school next week and I am excited! This picture is from camping in our tent for the first time! We just bought the tent for the summer because we had nothing else and needed something! Our family goes up every Saturday and has family time since church is not until 1 pm. I sure do love Avery and I look forward to every new day!