Thursday, May 10, 2012


This is how we spent Easter this year! We hung out in the truck during the pipkin side of the easter celebrations and it was a little better when we hung out with the olsen's for easter so we were able to be out of the truck. Teegen slept mostly through it all!

Happy 25th!

Today my dear sweet husband is 25! I can't believe he is a quarter of a century old! I thought I would do a blog post for him. I am going to share 25 things about him!
1. I LOVE his smile and laugh
2. He is an amazing dad to our precious son.
3. I am so glad he stuck to wanting to be a cop and finished and is now serving and protecting
4. He is getting pretty good at sorting the laundry and doing it! (thanks babe)
5. I love our temple date nights!
6. His Strength
7. His love for the gospel and testimony
8. His true genuine care and concern for others
9. his love for getting a new vehicle WAY too often!
10. Sense of humor
11. How drop dead handsome he looks in his uniform! (:o)
12. Our conversations about dreams for the future
13. His love for the scouting program that he will teach our boys.
14. I love our impromptu outings weather its a weenie roast or a drive up the mountain its still enjoyable none the less!
15. He is not picky and will at least try a bite of everything new I make
16. supportive of my dreams and wants in life
17. Loves me for who I am and doesn't want to change it
18. loves his son and looks forward to the days he can be rough and tumble with him!
19. he doesn't complain when I ask him to dress our son or change his bum.
20. holds his priesthod worthly and uses it when it is needed
21. how sweet he looks when he naps with Teegen
22. Hard work in the year so I don't have to.
23. I love his style
24. I love how passionate his kiss are
25. I love that he is mine for eternity!

I sure hope he has a great day today and that he njoys the good food and company! I LOVE you Avery!