Saturday, July 3, 2010


this was a little trip we took to dry wash and dedication point one sunday afternoon as a family:) We had lots of fun and the dry wash was FULL!!

I always make posts that are so very random! Most of the time it is all the same!!! Sorry but I will update you with the new stuff! Avery is still working away he is now working with my dad on the days that he does not work for dish, which will be nice to add to the savings account! I am taking classes and working with a girl that has down syndrome and I ABSOLUTELY love it!!! She is pretty fun most of the time! Then I am also now doing Mary Kay which I LOVE as well! I love having parties with the ladies! :) Avery is patient with me doing this which I am glad for! I am FINALLY ordering my wedding pictures so that I can add them to the pile to scrap:) Avery and I are going to st george this weekend to pick up jordan so I am super excited to see sister! :) This year we did not take any pictures of any ones birthdays so ave and I will have no pictures:) ha and avery was wonderful he got me roses and some movies for my birthday and I love them! I love him too he has been so patient and good with me esp when I am stressed out!! I love him and I am so glad that we had eternity! Hope everyone is doing great!