Monday, October 24, 2011

Avery & I

Avery finished his first block of POST 3 weeks ago and is 3 weeks into the second block. We have 7 weeks left and I hope that we both survive it! I know it is getting more intense for him, but he is doing well. I am ready to see him every day and night of the week and be done with this weekend business! I am glad that he is able to come home but at the same time its stressful. It makes him not want to go back and me not want him to leave. Although, its good for him to be away. He is the Vice President of his block and they all wanted him to be the President but he didn't...what a silly guy! He is loosing a lot of weight and getting in shape which is what he has been trying to do for a long time! (if you want to loose weight and get in shape go to post)

I am just taking it easy and doing all the bill paying and going to work. I am still not doing too much cleaning. :) I am trying to figure out our budget and to get things on track for the baby but it is hard when you haven't been able to encourage your old budget from being on bed rest. I already said most about me in the 20 week post.

Over all we are getting through it all some how and next week I am going to see him in SLC and go shopping for baby boy!

20 Weeks!

The first picture I didn't share on Face Book because I feel huge. I think it didn't help that I had on TIGHT leggings and they helped push my fat up! LOL I also had on a maternity dress so I look more pregnant. I still look tiny and haven't gained a whole lot but I am ok with it! I am doing good and so is little boy! I have my 20 week ultra sound tomorrow and I am a little anxious! I am so glad that I am half way done, but I still have quite a bit more left ahead of me. I have been feeling better and some other parts I have been dealing with have died down so I think my hemorrhage is just getting better! :) Little boy is so active and I LOVE feeling him move. That is all! On to the next 20 weeks!

Monday, October 10, 2011

2 Years

Happy Anniversary to Avery and I we have made it 2 whole years. It seems as yesterday that we were kneeling across the alter in the temple. Making our vows for eternity. I am so grateful that he asked me and I said yes. I am so grateful that he has been an amazing husband and friend. I am so grateful that he has stepped up while I have had to step down during our marriage right now. I am grateful that he doesn't complain when I ask him to do the things I need. He is so willing to help and I appreciate it so much. I love when he surprises me although I hate when he tells me he has a surprise and makes me wait for too long. I love his strong testimony in the gospel and his willingness to serve. I am grateful we have dates and go to the temple and enjoy ourselves. I LOVE that he holds his priesthood worthly. Baby boy and I have had some blessings because we have needed them and he has been able to give them to us. I am so grateful for my best friend and I am looking forward to MANY more years! I just want to give a shot out to my wonderful husband Avery. I LOVE you so much and I am grateful for everything!