Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Sweet Son

My wonderful sister in law took pictures of our sweet boy when she was down to visit him! I am so glad that she was able to take them for me. I really appreciate it, I can't wait until I see the rest when she gets me the CD. I know I will post some more but I will let you enjoy these for now!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

He is Here!

I know I am a slacker and I didn't hardly post anything towards the end of my pregnancy. I will try to be better with the new guy here. I am getting some sleep so that is good. I will leave you with some pictures of the little guy and the birth story!

Feb 18, 2012

This morning I woke up ready to clean the house and get some things done. I started having contractions and they weren’t very consistent. I kept cleaning and finally I decided I wanted a bath because they were starting to get a little painful. Around four o’clock I decided to start timing them and see how they were progressing. I was having them about every five minutes and they were last a minute and a half long. We had dinner with grandma and grandpa and I kept having them. Later on I did a set of gel nails and had to breathe and take breaks during my contractions. I called the OB nurse who helped out with you in the delivery room. He suggested that I go in. But me being me I didn’t want to go in and get sent home. I decided I would lie down around 8:30 to see if my contractions would slow down and if they were just Braxton hicks. I laid there for 3o minutes and then decided to get in the bath to help with the pain. Nothing was making them go away. Finally I called the hospital and told them what was going on and that this was my first time so I wasn’t sure that I was in labor or not. Finally I had talked myself into going because I figured the worse they can tell me is no and send me home. We got to the hospital and they checked me and hooked me up. I was dilated to a three and 100% effaced. They hooked me up to the contraction machine to monitor your heart rate and my contractions. They called Dr. Black and decided to keep me after they monitored me for 30 minutes. Then they went to hook me up to an iv to get me started on fluids so I would be hydrated. They went to place my first iv and the first attempt failed. The other nurse tried and got it in. After that my mom and sister showed up and visited with us for awhile. I got some pain medicine and I felt like I was drunk. I didn’t like the feeling from it but it sure helped ease the pain. On and off through the night I got up to use the restroom and had a couple more doses of the medicine. Around 4:30 that morning I stopped having contractions and I was able to get some sleep. Dr. Black came in at 6:30 to check on me and talk to me. He told me that I needed to get my contractions going again or they would send me home. I didn’t want to be poked for another IV so I got up after breakfast and took my IV pole and did circles in the hospital, and every few laps I would do some squats. I started having contractions again. I was happy. I just needed to have them coming stronger and help me progress more. My mom came to visit me around nine and walked around with me because dad was done with walking with me. He didn’t get much sleep the night before. I started having contraction consistently again that I was struggling to talk and want to walk through them. I was check again around ten and was dilated to a four. I walked a little bit more and then I wanted to lay in bed for a bit. Around 10:30 they checked me again and I was dilated to a 6 and they told me I could get my epidural now or never. So I decided to take that opportunity and I got my epidural at 11:30. I loved every minute of it. I will do it again with my next children. After my epidural I was put on pit to help me along and continue progressing. They came and checked me at three pm and I was dilated to an eight. They broke my water and I tried to sleep so I could get some energy so I could push. At 4 pm I kept asking Avery if I was having contraction and such because I could start to feel the pressure of them. I pushed my pain medicine button and thought nothing of it. Dr Black came in at 4:30 to check me and said I was ready to have a baby. We started pushing at 4:50 and my precious son was born at 5:14 pm. After you were born you took your sweet time to breathe. I was a little scared I won’t lie. I just wanted to hear my baby boy cry. Finally you started to cry after Dr. Black and Dustin worked on you for a minute. I was so relieved to hear you cry. After that you get all cleaned up and wiped off and then I was able to hold you. My heart melted. I fell in love with you and I still love you. After I held you for a few minutes they took you into the nursery to look at you closer and to measure you the rest of the way. Your daddy followed you to the nursery and watched as they weighed and measured you. You were 6 pounds 4 ounces and 19 ½ inches long. They gave you back to your daddy and he cried, he brought you back into our room and just snuggled on you and smiled. I could tell he was smitten with you and could not be any prouder.