Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pictures For the Storty!!

Here is our beautiful pictures of the night! I put them in the order of the story:) Enjoy!

Proposal:) I am ENGAGED! :))

Sorry Guys my pictures wouldnt upload, so I will try them again later!!

I could not be any happier than I have been! I got to come home and I am home for good! I landed in Salt Lake City on Saturday @ midnight and Avery picked me up! We went back and I could not sleep cause I was soo super excited to be back in Utah! Note: I am used to East coast Time. I woke up from what little sleep I got at 5:30 a.m. telling Avery that I NEEDED to eat breakfast cause I was HUNGRY! So finally @ 6:30 he let me go upstairs and have breakfast! :) We went back downstairs after wards and snuggled up. We got up a little later and went and got my suitcases out of the car and got ready for church that was at 1 p.m. We went with Avery's Grandma and then came back and a bit later went out to dinner at Iggys, it was yummy! :) We went back and I took a nap for 2 hours, Avery came and slept beside me for an hour and then woke me up @ 7. He asked me if I would still like to go to Temple Square since it was my idea:) So I got up and we got there about 8. Walked around for a bit, then we walked to the top where you look down over the reflection pond and there is that pedestal. I was excited cause I have never gotten a full picture of the temple, cause I have never walked that far up on temple grounds. So I was taking some pictures, then I turned around to take one of Ave, and then asked him to take one of me. Then he told me to take another picture of the temple so I did and I turned back around and there he was on one knee asking me "will you marry me?" I looked at him SHOCKED and I was speechless, I was NOT expecting it at all!! After what felt like FOREVER for Avery I answered him and said YES! :) We kissed and said I LOVE you! The rest of our walk all I could do was smile and giggle because I was soo happy! I am STILL super happy! As for now we have not set a date yet, but I will let you know when we do! :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Silly face!!

Sad Face

Happy face!
I love when he is happy, and that is most of the time!

This is some more of the walk in the park!


GREEN house in GREENwich:)

Yes I am a dork, Axel and I took a walk with Otis on Saturday and we sat at the park bench and said funny a green house ins greenwich:) this kid is great! :)

hiPpiEEE :)

Isabel had a day where she could dress up as a hippie, so she took full advantage of that and went all out:0) She looked really cute and had a great day!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Costco Trip

So this is what my girls and me do in our spare time!! HA Shopping at Costco riding in shopping carts! We are the best!! :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

SMorEs NitE @ BriAnS

I was able to get off by 8:30 on Friday night and go to Brian's house to his fire smore's roasting party! I had a lot of fun! Makes me miss Monticello and our fires!