Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Precious Moments

I was finishing my mom's nails while papa was watching T. He was worn out and ready for bed. My dad fed him his bottle as he was starting to fall asleep and kept telling him he had to stay awake for it. My son doesn't need to be told to stay awake for food ha ha. He will still drink while half asleep. But I just thought this was so sweet!


Well we made it until 1 year and 1 week before he needed to head to the ER and get stitches. I was at work while T was at the sitters, I got a phone call saying that he had cut his finger. I left work early and drove down there to get him. I picked him up and tried calling my dad but no answer. I figured I would just drive to go find my dad. I found him at my mom's shop. I stopped and asked him if he needed stitches and he suggested that I get him some. So up to the hospital I went. My dad showed up to help because he knew I wouldn't be able to hold T down and his finger. Thank you Dad! Avery was busy in court and couldn't leave. He didn't even get a lunch break that day! We sat there for what felt like eternity. Nothing like going in at lunch time. Anyway, the Dr. came in and tried talking me out of stitches and doing steri strips and gluing it back together. I refused and said I want stitches. We would've ended back up in the ER if I didn't request stitches. Any way they started to wash it and he just cried. I knew it wasn't going to be a lovely experience for either of us. After that the Dr. then gave him the numbing shots. Oh my heart ached for my sweet boy as he squirmed as I held him down with what I thought was a death grip. We started to stitch him up and as the Dr. got to the 3rd stitch T yanked his hand back and cried in pain, I knew he wasn't fully numb so I asked the Dr. to numb it more. After we numbed it we finished the last four stitches. then we cleaned up his finger and put some steri strips over it so he wouldn't' pick at it. The week was long, but we survived having them.  We went to our well baby visit for 12 months and Dr. Black said they were good enough to come out. So we went through holding him down again as he took them out. He was so traumatized from this whole experience. I have to hold him down not to clip his nails as he cries. It just breaks my heart!
Only wanted momma to love him after the traumatic day.

 His nasty bandaid! It just kept bleeding!

 After our stitches were out. He still has a lump on both cuts from scar tissue.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Teeg Walking!

I am a slacker and I promise more blog posts are coming!  But for now I hope that this video will entertain you!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hot Cocoa

This little guy found mom's cup of cocoa (empty) He licked the sides of that cup as clean as he could! SO cute! He is definitely my son!

Silly Sleeper!

Teeg sleeps the silliest ways! I love it! I am so glad that Ave snaps pics of this while I am away to work!

Blue Eyes

His blue eyes just melt my heart! I sure love this little boy!

Dinner Time!

We had Grandma and Papa Pipkin over and Teeg had a slice of raw squash. He loved chewing it! Then at dinner he decided to rub his lasagna all over his head! Bath time was needed after that!

Random Play times

His FAVORITE cupboard!

New Years 2013

This year Teegen was so fun with New Years. He kept sharing his carrots and celery with avery. We celebrated like normal with finger foods and sweets! This was the first night I let Teeg sleep anywhere besides at home with me. 11 Months old!