Tuesday, December 15, 2009

O Christmas Tree :)

I have just loved this season SO much! It has brought Avery and I closer and has let us had a fun journey so far!

Yesterday for FHE we invited my family to go with us. My dad said he knew where some trees were, so we asked him to show us. We got there and saw a few, I hiked to them in the snow that was up to my knees! I did this to 2 trees at first and I didn't like either of them! So we drove a littler further and parked and all got out to go hiking for a tree. Avery started walking and found a CUTE one! I just had to look and see if there was another one:) We walked around for 5-10 more minutes. I decided to go back to the one Ave picked. Dad went and got the chain saw started it but it kept dying. He forgot to check and make sure it had gas before we left!! So avery cut down our tree with a hand saw:) We hauled it back to the truck and we had cocoa:) Then dad decided he wanted to take a road that hasn't been plowed yet. Avery slid off and got stuck, but was able to get out. Then he went ahead of everybody and we got to a high spot on the road where he was scraping and got stuck and had to be pulled out. We went a little further and had to turn around. We headed home and had soup and put up the tree and decorated with my families help it was a GREAT night!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wedding Picture Tease:)

Here is a link to my photographers page! I am so READY to see the rest!!! I love them already!! :)
There is only 5 but as soon as I can buy some I will be posting more!! :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Avery and I just got the internet at our house. I am starting to hate it already!! Oh well I just hope the vicious cycle doesn't continue:/ I am DYING to see my wedding pictures. I got told three weeks ago it would only take a few more days and I have yet to see them:( Avery and I have put up christmas lights I will upload those pictures next time. I am so ready for the weekend to be here! I am also ready to order my pictures I have yet to scrapbook and start scrapping again:) I also need to get my christmas cards done and out, but I was going to just use a wedding picture in them but I can't yet...waiting Joy.... This Thanks giving Brad was able to make it up and stay for 5 days at my parents house. It was a lot of fun! My mother has the pictures so I will have to ask her for them. While he was here we ate and played games and played hide and go seek for Jordan. That is her favorite game I think! I enjoyed being off of work and being able to relax and enjoy my family. I hardly did any cleaning and now this week I am paying for it! I am also wishing we had our bedroom furniture so I could get the ugly shelfs out of our room. someday...I hope you all enjoyed your holiday!