Tuesday, June 3, 2014

36 weeks

How Far Along:  36 weeks
Weight Gain/Loss:  since last check up 2 pounds.
Sleep: SO HOT in my house I rarely hav
e a sheet on these days. I am so looking forward to AC this weekend!
Best Moment This Week: Going to my Dr.s appt and having some dilation, how ever no effacement was a bummer!!
Movement:   Lots of rolls in there, I feel her move constantly, I think she is getting cramped.
Food Cravings/Aversions: I don't want to cook at all with out AC and I am tired so I have been lazy. Nothing sweet has sounded good. I have just wanted my fruits!
Pregnancy Symptoms: Some pressure and pain in my lower abdomen. Not much sleep, anxiety of when she will come
What I Miss: Not waking up to pee, I will be happy when its waking up to feed her. I miss seeing my feet and the ease of putting on shoes!
Stretch Marks:  No new ones, but past ones are growing bigger.
Belly Button: Same as last time, Still in, but starting to poke out a little! 
Wedding Rings:  I retired them because my house has been so hot my fingers are a little tight and I feel like I am suffocating.
Mood: Feeling tired, anxious, excited to meet her.
Labor Signs:  None, ready for some though!
Milestones: One more week and a day I will be where I was when I had T. crazy to think! 4 weeks left!!
Upcoming Appointments/Events: My next week appt 37, and my baby shower.
What I look forward to: Cleaning house and finishing decorating her room as well as last minute things in the house before she comes. I need to make some freezer meals and what not. I am organizing things slowly.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

St. George Trip

T and I snuck away for a few days to go see Aunt Jai and Uncle Isaac. We had so much fun even though one day it rained the whole time. Here is our trip:) Grandma spoiled us and made us buttermilk whole wheat waffles. T LOVED that! :) We went hiking and played in the ditch water and went to the temple. Watched Ratatouille for the firs time and LOVED it. On our hike he stashed TONS of rocks in his Jacket pocket, I kept taking some out and throwing some away.

32 weeks!

How Far Along:  32 weeks
Weight Gain/Loss:  since last check up 4 pounds. but then a second appt was down 2 pounds
Sleep: Lots of tossing and turning to get comfy after a couple of hours.
Best Moment This WeekMy Dr's appt and seeing her profile, I am getting so much more excited to see her in real life! Knowing that this is coming to an end very soon. 
Movement:   Lots of movement.  She is head down and I get kicked every now and then. lately she has been in my ribs and its not my favorite while doing nails.
Food Cravings/Aversions: to be honest right at this moment I really want BBQ chips MMM. I am going to have to go buy some! I also really like Maveriks peanut butter cookies!
Pregnancy Symptoms: I am sure I am waddling a little bit these days. I am not getting sleep like normal. I am having indigestion. 
What I Miss: Breathing normal and not feeling smooshed. Ability to set and do a set of toes with out killing me!
Stretch Marks:  No new ones.
Belly Button: Still in, but starting to poke out a little!
Wedding Rings:  Regular fit still. :) Although I am thinking of taking them off soon so that I don't have them too tight and I can't get them off.
Mood: Pretty happy, stressing a little bit to finish somethings before she comes. Just yesterday I had my first ever pregnant melt down and cry moment. I think my hormones are getting to me. 
Labor Signs:  None, which is ok because we don't have the support for NICU needs and I don't and can't afford that. 
Milestones: I have one more drs appt in 2 weeks then he said I start going every week and get checked! WHOOO 
Upcoming Appointments/Events:  Just nails like normal and the Hubby's Birthday! :) Although he works on his birthday.
What I look forward to: My yard sale this weekend and getting rid of the junk in my garage! Also passing these next two weeks of nails. It its a little busy!

Easter Day Activites

Easter family pic. The best we got. T wanted to play!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Easter 2014

Happy Easter 2014! This year he was so much more into finding the eggs and digging through his basket! It was seriously so much fun to watch him get into it. We did Easter while dad was still sleeping because of his shifts. The next morning he woke up saying Easter bunny, made me laugh majorly. I know that the true meaning of Easter is about the resurrection of Christ but I think he is still a tiny bit too young to teach him that. So next year we will focus more on the Christ side with the eggs and fun stuff. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Coloring Easter Eggs

Teeg really LOVED dying Easter Eggs this year! I was shocked that we didn't have every single egg cracked from him dropping them in! We also dyed Easter Eggs with grandma that night too! He LOVED making a happy/sad egg. He learned in nursery that week before all about happy and sad and loved it. We still have days where he says things are happy and sad.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

29 weeks

How Far Along:  29 weeks
Weight Gain/Loss:  since last check up 4 pounds.
Sleep:  I am starting to have the nights where I am uncomfortable and sleep isn't as good.
Best Moment This WeekMy Dr's appt and seeing her profile, I am getting so much more excited to see her in real life!
Movement:   Lots of movement.  She is head down and I get kicked every now and then.
Food Cravings/Aversions: Still sweets and I am having a HARD time at being good! 
Pregnancy Symptoms: Indigestion is pretty bad, I just have to remind myself to each smaller meals.
What I Miss: Being able to work out with the hubby and running and it not hurting!
Stretch Marks:  No new ones.
Belly Button: Still in.
Wedding Rings:  Regular fit still.
Mood: Pretty happy, little stressed to get things done.
Labor Signs:  None.
Milestones: We go to the dr. every 2 weeks and I have any where from 7-10 weeks left!
Upcoming Appointments/Events:  Easter this week and some sets of nails, Then after easter another appt. 
What I look forward to: Getting her bedding and getting her room more set up.