Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New House

These pics were taken before we moved in and while we were helping the contractor clean up and touch up. I will post pics of the decorated rooms soon!

I LOVE my kitchen

Our room, and bath and closet below

dining room and into the kitchen from the front room

Alcove to kids room and bath

Kids bathroom

ts room

Babys room below. It needs a wall painted now!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Half Way! 20 Weeks

Well here we are HALF WAY!
I have seen the questionnaire things on a blog or two but I can't seem to find it. So I will make up my own! If any one knows it please send it!
Cravings: sadly things will sound good and I make it then its absolutely disgusting. Can't stand pizza
Weight: I lost 8 in the beginning and I have gained 5 of those back, so nothing above what I weighed before I got pregnant
Clothes: Yoga pants, I can still wear my regular pants but they aren't comfortable to sit in and do nails so I like my yoga pants and preggo jeans, I don't have many that fit!
Stretch Marks: No new ones so far
SLEEP: Very anxious about things so sleep is a little deprived.
Movement: Constantly in the morning and the night right before bed. She has been moving for weeks, but I am starting to feel it on the outside which excites me!
Labor Signs: None so far and we can keep it that way!
Belly Button: In
Wedding Ring: Still on and loose

This pregnancy has went much faster than my sons. I am not on bed rest like I was at 10 weeks. I have had some morning sickness the first trimester but I am better now. I eat snacks all day long and I think my 2 year old enjoys that! I think moving into the new house has been a blessing at things going fast because I am consumed in getting everything done! I need to take pics of the house all cute and decorated and put on the blog! It is very hard to compare my pregnancy to my first because of the HUGE differences. I have been extremely careful to not lift or strain in fear of bed rest again. 

Gender Reveal Party

We decided we were going to have a gender reveal party no matter the gender. But however my sweet boy didn't really want to dig into his cake! We are having a girl and couldn't be more excited! I keep talking to my son about having a sister and it's CUTE to listen to him say it! 

Table of treats

Cute BIG brother!

Every ones's guesses

My dad wouldn't choose one or the other.

I had to force him to put his hand into it. Then he wanted cleaned right after! So into the bath he went! I will post the video sometime! :)