Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lost Keys Anyone??

I am already having a bad week to start out bathroom door doesnt shut tight...the kids use it FREQUENTLY! Going on the third day of work and I have lost my keys, yes LOST them! UGH I am sooooo not happy about it! Its my house keys, and car key, and I am going to be locked out if i decide to go somewhere tomorrow!! I don't wanna stay home and be a couch potatoe though...I think that there is a mouse in my room as well! I have an open outlet in my bedroom....GRRR! I have done everything I think that I can do to find my keys, but NO LUCK!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Trip

Okay, so I feel like a total LOOSER! I leave to head out to CT on Friday, and it was an AWFUL day for me!! First I had to say good bye to family, then my last hour and a half drive with my boyfriend for a LONG time, then we sit have lunch, then FINALLY and hour later, my plane arrives, and the final goodbye had to be said :'( (I think that is one of the hardest goodbyes I have EVER had to do..) SO I land in Denver, I get to the gate, and as I was asking the desk agent if my plane was boarding, and she tells me that the bridge had already been removed from the plane, and that I had missed my flight! I burst into tears again, for like the millionth time today...she helps me out and puts me on the nonstop to Laguardia NY. I just left 2 hours later. I get on that flight, and then they tell us they cant get the baggage door shut, so we sat there for another hour...then we had to de-ice before we hit the run way...another thirty mins...having us leave at 8:00 pm. GRRR JUST GET ME THERE!!! So I was having a panic/anxiety attack on my way there...finally I get to my destination!! 1:10 AM!! Next to pick up my baggage...well it ended up that my luggage got checked through US Air and I flew luggage made the connection that I happened to finally at two am locating my luggage, it happened to be in philly I decided to just go home. I didnt fall asleep untill 5 and was up at 8 am, and worked all day, and I am still not in bed at midnight! haha...I am just glad to be here safe, and have my luggage once again!