Thursday, April 30, 2009

SUnday Afternoon!

On Sunday I decided to invite people over to the park after church:) it was a GREAT turn out! We had tons of fun! Played some fun stuff and enjoyed our time outside in the nice weather!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Okay, this is me on my little soap box for the day! I pick out clothes for my girl to wear to school, and when she doesnt like it this is what she does to her drawers!!! She is 11!!! I am so sick of reorganizing her drawers!!! AGH The top two pictures are of how her drawers should look and the bottom two are of her MESS!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

He is Sweet!

So I got home from dropping Avery off at the airport and as I was getting ready for bed, I found notes along the way. One in my bathroom when I took my contacts out, and then a second in my sock drawer, and a third in my closet where I put my shoes away, and the forth was under my pillow. I have a pic of some of them, and I just thought he was a sweetie!! Even though its been tough to have Avery not by me again. I have been really home sick.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Last Day Here :(

Avery Decided that he need to feed the parking meter at the mall on our last day together. We went the mall and bought some books and some new clothes for him:) YAY

This is where I had to let go:(

Avery && his ticket back to utah!
Dang good byes SUCK!!! We look good for crying babe:)
His luggage

The last day that Avery was here, I made him shower, and had him pack in the morning so it wasn't stressful when we actually needed to leave. We went to the mall and bought some things and then we had lunch, and came back home && he decided to play some more wii, and Axel joined in. I was too tired to play or care, and i eventually dozed off into sleep. Avery awoke me at 4:30 to head to the airport. I had found my way pretty well to pick him up, so i didn't care to print the map, or to look at it even!! WRONG move!! I got us soo last and thankfully he figured it out on his phone, and I was in tears, that I was not going to get him back and all stressed! But he made it and we parked at the airport and I walked him into the airport and gave kisses and hugs, and told him that I WANTED to go home with him:( I didn't want him to leave me!! I slipped a little letter I wrote him in his bag, and sent him on his way. I got back to my car and just bawled:( I think that is the HARDEST thing I have went through in a LONG time! I made it safely home, with out getting lost!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

5th day here:)

Cheese Cake Factory :))

Chilling After Church:)


The house I LOVE
This is Avery and I on sunday! We had a great day! We got up and I made him breakfast while he was sleeping:) He loved that! We went to church and I had to speak! I was sooo nervous!! But I did alright! && Then we went and looked at my house that I love! :) I had to take him to the Cheesecake Factory as well! It was DELICIOUS!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Avery's 4th Day Here! Continued!

Ave && I On Top Of The Rock
Night Time in the City! Chrysler Building, sorry its not very good, we were walking and i took it!

Sunset on top of the rock!! SOO pretty:)
Just watching the sunset! :)

Just hanging out

My FAVORITE picture of us:)

BIG Chandelier In the Rock building

TGIF's For Dinner && of Course the city is 1ox's more expensive!
Okay, sorry, I didn't need a second post, but I hit the post button on accident from the last one! So this is more of the city! We had SOOO much FUN!! I Loved my time I spent with Avery! I wouldn't trade it FOR ANYTHING!! :)

Avery's 4th Day Here!

Me in front of the Rockefeller Center

Waiting For the Empire State Building thing:)

Grand Central Station!!

On our way there on the train! I am sorry these are out of order but I really dont care! We went to the city for the 4th day Avery was here and we did a lot of fun stuff!! I have to tell you about the train ride there though! It was HILARIOUS! So we make right on time for the train @2 and we get on and sit, and talk about what we are going to do. Two stops later this father and son get on the train. They were LOUD, and I thought that the train ride was going to be LONG!! It was at the time cause I was having a little lovey time with Ave, and he kept annoying us! But come to think of it now, it was quite silly and entertaning:) When the boy got on the train he had is radio, and he kept tuning it and finding a quick station before it would fade, and when he found a station he would SING, and still sing after it faded! We just ignored him at first until he kept asking me, whats your name? OVER AND OVER again!! I ignored him and he kept asking and saying hello? is anybody in there?? LOL I finally told him my name, and he stopped bothering for a little bit. Then he had to ask avery his name, and so he told him. After he was pleased that we had told him our names he went back to his radio, and tuned in a station that was playing "Day & Night" and that is pretty much the words to the whole thing, and he would just sing day and night the WHOLE time, it was quite cute:) Then the train came into Grand Central and we waited a minute to get off so the boy could go with his dad, and so we wouldn't have to be followed. As we were walking off the train, he decided to fall back from his dad and walk with us, so he walked with us until we got to the clock in Grand Central and him and his dad parted ways, and said "Good Bye Avery" (note: this kid has down syndrome or something but he was soo sweet!)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

3rd Day

Okay so the 3rd day that Avery was here, we either spent kissing, napping, or playing wii! We had tons of fun playing wii! Avery won almost every time. I was the one always wanting to nap, and then Avery would fall asleep too! I decided that we were going to eat in, and I wanted I decided that we would have chicken red sauce pasta...I LIKE it. While we were cooking it was sooo much fun to have him there right beside me cooking:) He was so sweet too! Helped with what ever I needed! After wards we decided to go bowling with a couple of my other nanny friends, Mindy and Whittney! We had SOOO much fun, we bowled three games, and I wont the first and Avery won the second, and I have NO idea who won the third, haha. It was blacklight bowling so I stunk it up! We got home about 12 and had tons of fun! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Day!!
I had to work the first day, so I got up for work, got my girl ready, and the dad and her rode bikes to school! When I got back home I cleaned up and did my laundry and dishes. I patiently waited for Avery to get up....(Not really) I woke him up BRIGHT and EARLY!! I don't know how much he liked that, but OH WELL!! I know he still loves me, he got up, and we went and had Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, and dropped the dog off. Then after that we decided to watch Made of Honor. We went to pick my girl up from school @ 1 so we could take her and her father to the airport! Of course I drug Avery along, and he wasn't too thrilled about another trip to the airport. After that I was off for a weekend filled with fun, joy, laughter, sadness, and tears.

On our way to the mall!

This was our lunch at the mall! haha yes it is sandwiches:) We went through the mall and didn't buy anything! SHOCKING! haha But that wasn't the case with the next few days!! We stayed in and played wii this night cause we were too tired to go to the City!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Okay so I have A LOT to post about, so it might take me a few days!! But I hope everyone enjoys!

Well I leave to go pick up Avery from the airport and the drive time is about an hour with normal driving and traffic, so I was like I will go early though cause I know I will be in traffic, little did I know that I would be in 2 hour traffic that I was a little nervous that I wouldn't get there on time! I had told Avery I was going to be late and that I wouldn't make it on time...I knew that I would though! I got to the airport with out getting lost along the way! But I took the Long Term Parking, and I ended up WAY further than I should have been! I get a text saying "I am here baby" Shoot! I had to turn all the way around, and then I got back and I had called him and asked him where he was and he told me luggage claim so I decided to wait in a line that everyone else was waiting in, until the Police officer decided to break up the party...So as I am on the phone with Avery I had to go around the loop another time, the second time around avery has his luggage and I pull up to the curb and jump out and give him a HUGE hug! The traffic director got mad at me cause I parked to pick some one up! Also he rushed us out of there! So We jumped in the car, and headed towards home! When we came to our first traffic light he kissed me:)))) I MISSED his kisses!!!! My employer called me and told me that I could have the night off so we went and had dinner, and then went home, and went to bed....Not much sleeping though cause we were soooo anxious to see each other!!! I don't have any pictures of this day! Sorry!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Okay!! Avery Just got on his first plane! It was supposed to be NON stop but it has ended up that he is going to Las Vegas first! Then connecting to NY! I can't want to see him!! I am EXCITED! He is a little nervous, but I know that he will do okay!! I won't be blogging while he is here! But I will have pics of our activities blogged after he leaves!! I know we are going to have tons of fun! && ALWAYS be busy!! I have a lot to do with him!! HAHA.... :))

Monday, April 6, 2009

Okay I have to write about conference! It was SOOO amazing! I am sad that I wasn't able to catch the Saturday session on Saturday but I am catching up on them slowly! On Sunday BOTH of the sessions were AMAZING! I REALLY loved conference this year. I am also so proud of myself cause I was able to sit through it and not get up or get bored!! :) I hope you all enjoyed Conference too!