Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh BOY!!!!

I went to the Dr. yesterday and I found out that Avery and I are expecting a sweet baby boy in March. I was laying there on the ultrasound bed and the Dr. was checking everything with the baby's spine and heartbeat. I told him that I wanted to know what we were expecting and he started looking around and asked me what I saw when he saw what it was. I said its a PENIS! Then the Dr. says "congrats you're having a boy" I honestly wanted to cry at first because I wanted a girl but we will take a sweet baby boy.
I have only gained 3 pounds but I will take it:) Less than a pound a month, I hope that we don't gain a ton of weight in the next little while. I am excited that baby boy will have some nephews to play with and also friends because I know several people who just had boys are expecting boys around the same time as me. I guess its time to start shopping and planning every thing.

Monday, September 12, 2011

What is going on in our world

Here I am at 3 months, I feel like 3 months have flown by but then I sit and think that I was on bed rest for 3 weeks and it was LONG and SLOW. I was able to go back to work last week but had an incident where I was required to take this week off and be on bed rest for at least another week. I hope that is all that the Dr. requires, I liked being at work and I left my sub in a total mess:( I am feeling fine we have a doctors appt tomorrow and I am excited to see the baby again:) I love how much I have gotten to see our sweet blessing! Lately there has been more days that I feel bloated than pregnant. I enjoy knowing that I will have a sweet little one in less than six months! :)

Right now Avery is in P.O.S.T. he can come home on the weekends, and I enjoy getting to see him! I have been eating at my mom and dads every night:P. He said some of the work outs are hard but I know he can push through and make it! It is very entertaining to listen to what he learned that week and I enjoy it:)

I do know the Lord knows our plans, that he has for us. We had found out that Ave got the police job 1 and a half weeks before he had to be to P.O.S.T. and we knew he still had to get funding approved. We had 8 days to get it approved and we just kept earnestly praying that if he was supposed to go to P.O.S.T. now that the Lord would allow it. (if he didn't go to this session he would be there for the birth of the baby) Ave called me the LAST morning possible that they could approve his funding and it had been. I knew the Lord wanted ave then and there to go. I am so grateful that he let him go this session and not next!